KATO 10-1306 - Series 50-51 Coach (5 car basic set)

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Condition: New

Item includes 5 coaches with no motor car.  Locomotive required separately.

All 5 coaches having different road number

#1 OHAFU51-20 (equipped with directional tail end lights)

#2 OHA51-58

#3 OHAFU51-14 (no lighting feature)

#4 OHA51-21

#5 OHAFU51-66 (equipped with directional tail end lights)

Book case comes with this product has a space for extra coach and locomotive.

Based on series 50 coach, specifically designed for use in Hokkaido area.

Optional coach available

KATO 5142 - OHA51

KATO 5143 - OHAFU51