KATO 10-1407 - Sleeper Coach Series 24 "HAYABUSA" (7 car add-on set)

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Condition: NEW

Item includes 7 coaches with no motor unit.  Locomotive is required to run.

Train set consists with following rolling stock.

Sleeper coach - OHANEFU25-109

Sleeper coach - OHANE25-121

Sleeper coach - OHANE25-136

Sleeper coach - OHANEFU25-19

Sleeper coach - OHANEFU25-210

Sleeper coach - OHANE25-111

Sleeper coach - OHANE25-204

Working tail lights equipped on OHANEFU25-19

This is an add-on set.  Basic set is required to form a unit.

KATO 10-1406 - 8 car basic set

Locomotive recommended

KATO 3047-2 - EF66

KATO 3066-5 - EF81-400

KATO 3013-2 - EDD76-0