KATO 20-851 - UNITRACK Basic Set Master 2 (M2)

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Item includes following item.  NOT including any train.

1 x Power pack standard S

1 x Feeder cable

1 x N scale rerailer

10 x S248 straight track

1 x S124 straight track

1 x S124C street crossing straight track

2 x S64 straight track

1 x S62 straight track

1 x S62F straight feeder track

8 x R315-45 curved track

2 x R718-15 curved track

1 x EP718-15L electric turnout #6

1 x EP718-15R electric turnout #6

2 x point switch

By using above item, able to make oval layout size of 2109mm x 751mm with lay-by

This product is as same as combination of KATO 20-850 (M1) and 20-860 (V1)