TOMIX 6443 - Multi Cleaning System Set PC

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Condition: NEW

TOMIX N gauge complete track and wheel cleaning kit including following.

1 x Special white color multi cleaning car (same with TOMIX 6425/6426)

6 x Replacement wet disc (white)

6 x Replacement dry disc (black)

2 x sponge (to be used when wet cleaning with cleaner liquid)

2 x brush (to be used when vacuuming)

1 x disc changing tool

1 x multi wheel cleaning track (same with TOMIX 6415)

24 x Replacement wet head (for wheel cleaning track)

8 x Replacement dry head (for wheel cleaning track)

1 x Track cleaner liquid

1 x Rerailer PC track

1 x Slope parts

10 x cotton swab

1 x dropper

1 x cleaner nozzle

When running cleaning car, locomotive with motor is required.  Locomotive is not included.


Due to regulation, track cleaner liquid will be removed when shipping to oversea.

There will be no refund for this.  Thank you for understanding.