ModelTrainPlus now offering auction service.

Auction service pricing changed effective Feb. 1, 2016

Do you find item you want is listed on Yahoo Japan Auction?

We will bid on item listed on Yahoo Japan auction instead of you.

Here is how it works.

1. Find the item you want is listed on Yahoo Japan auction.

2. Please create an account with ModelTrainPlus.

3. Please inform us the auction item you want to bid or buy.  We will ask your maximum bid amount and shipping preference.

4. We will bid the item and arrange with seller to deliver to our location in Japan.

5. Please make a payment once we sent an invoice to you.  *Depends on item or the maximum bid amount, we may ask you for deposit in advance.

6. Item will be shipped internationally with the pre-agreed shipping method.


Service Offering

  • ModelTrainPlus will bid for the item.
  • We will provide translation on listing
  • We will ask a question to seller if you have
  • Once the item is delivered from the seller, we verify the item is correct.  If seller sends different item by mistake, we will negotiate with the seller for exchange.
  • If you want multiple item from same seller, we will negotiate with seller for consolidated payment and shipment (depends on seller to accept this)
  • We will not charge anything if we couldn't win the bid.  If any deposit made in advance, it will be refunded to you.


1. Basic Fee

1000 Yen + 20% of the auction winning price.

If the seller is a corporate (business) account, appropriate local sale tax to be added to bid or "buy it now" price and the fee will be calculated based on tax included amount

If you bid multiple item from one seller and the seller accepts consolidated payment and shipment, we will handle this as one transaction.

2. Domestic Shipping Fee

Actual cost for shipping from seller to ModelTrainPlus

3. International Shipping Fee

Actual cost for shipping from ModelTrainPlus to you (Registered SAL, ePacket, EMS).

For safety, we will not ship via unregistered SAL.

4. PayPal Fee

5% charge to be added as Paypal fee.

5. Other Fees

1,000 Yen repacking fee will be applied to every 5 items.  So if consolidating 4 item, no repacking fee.  If consolidating 13 items, then it will require 2,000 Yen repacking fee.



Auction item winning price is 10,000 Yen and domestic shipping is 500 Yen and international shipping is 1,000 Yen.

Auction Winning Price 10,000 Yen
Basic Fee 3,000 Yen 1000 Yen + 20%
Domestic Shipping 500 Yen Only actual cost
International Shipping 1,000 Yen Only actual cost
PayPal Fee  606 Yen
Other Fee 0 Yen No additional fee for this case
Grand Total 15,106 Yen


Other Terms

1. We will verify the item but will not do the test on motor or light on those model trains.

The reason is that the item on Yahoo Japan auction is listed and traded as "AS-IS" and normally return or exchange is not accepted unless the seller ships different item or the actual condition of the item is way different and violates auction policy.

2. We will not accepting a request for bidding an item which is prohibited to ship internationally by law or other item which is difficult to ship oversea.

3. Once the bid is placed, we will not accept cancelling and you are responsible to make a payment.