We are sorry that we don't carry all the item you want...  So we would like to offer an alternative.

ModelTrainPlus offers personal shopping service for hasle-free shopping.

Have you encountered a situation like....

  • The shop doesn't accept PayPal payment
  • The shop doesn't ship to oversea...
  • Having difficulties in communicating in English...

Let us help you out!!  ModelTrainPlus can make the transaction instead of you and will ship the item to your hand.

Here is how it works....

1. Please let us know the item you need.

2. ModelTrainPlus will purchase the item and arrange domestic delivery.

3. ModelTrainPlus verify and perform testing of the item before the shipment.

4. The item will be shipped to you after the payment.



1. Basic Fee

1000 Yen + 30% of the price of item.  The price is an amount including local sales tax.

2. Domestic Shipping Fee

Actual shipping fee charged by seller for shipping item from them to ModelTrainPlus.

3. International Shipping Fee

Actual shipping fee to ship the item to you.  Shipping method to be agreed in advance depending on the item.

4. PayPal Fee

5% charge to be added as Paypal fee.

5. Other fee

Repacking - 1,000 Yen per shipment.  Only applicable when requested for combined shipping on multiple different purchase.