Wondering how to convert to DCC?  We will do it for you.

Currently we have limited availability but will be expanding....

Item will be shipped after DCC conversion.

1. DCC decoder installation on KATO "DCC Ready" product
Following decoder to be installed.

KATO 29-351 EM13 decoder for motor car (below)


KATO 29-352 FL12 decoder for cab cars (head/tail lights) (below)

KATO 29-353 FR11 decoder to be used with KATO interior lights (below)

Simple installation of above decoders are 500JPY/piece (not including decoder price).  Some rolling stock which require both EM13 and FL12 to be installed on same car will be charged 1000JPY.  Please consult before placing order.

2. Some KATO rolling stock with MTP's Original DCC conversion PCB.
We have developed dedicated PCB for easier DCC conversion.  Currently available with some KATO rolling stock (locomotive, train, etc).  Please consult before placing order.

DCC conversion fee: 3000 Yen/piece (not including decoder price)

MTP's original DCC conversion PCB (below)

Rokuhan DCC decoder installed on KATO EF58 locomotive (below)

We are not accepting order for other model like TOMIX, Miroace, Greenmax at this moment, but we will try to expand capability.