September 21, 2014

KATO Sales Meeting - Sept. 16

It had been quite a time passed since last meeting since it was not scheduled one in August.

Sorry to say in advance, but there was no chance to speak up from my end due to other activity/discussion during the meeting and we ran out of time to get feedback from most of retailers.


Message from Mr. Kato

There will be coming Hobby show on Sept. 26-28 and it will be a starting point of year-end sale.

Eidan series 6000 is getting good feedback and oncoming FEF-3 is highly expected from customer mainly in U.S. even with higher pricing.

There is some minor issues raised from end user regarding recently released product.  KATO doesn't consider as product error but understands some communication needs to be made clearly if possible to minimize miscommunication between customer.


New Product Information

1. Sound Box

KATO showed product demo (sorry no photo as they just take away right after demo).  Planning to release by 2014 year end.  Suggested price is 25,700 Yen.  Here are some specification

- Comes with Mic-IN and Line-Out ports

- 6 function buttons for additional sound feature like brake sound, whistle, etc

- Synchronizing knob will be equipped to adjust sound with actual speed of each motor car.

- Can work with Tomix power pack as well (you need to change terminal ends)

* Sorry for misleading information.  Kato tested with Tomix power pack but will not guarantee the compatibility of course.  Officially, this sound box will only work with KATO power pack.

- To be released together with few sound media and to be increased in future.


2. KATO 10-1181 Odakyu Type 3100 NSE

- Totally new design

- Car #1 and #11 will be having interior light prism by default.  No need to use plastic bar comes with interior lighting kit.

- ASSY parts will not be available for sale


3. KATO 3078 ED19 / 10-1184 ED19+Cement transport freight car set

- KATO 3078 will be prototyping ED19-6 and Locomotive with 10-1184 will be prototyping ED19-2.  So there will be some difference even with ED19.

- No plan to sell those Myojo Cement TAKI tankers individually.


4. KATO 12605-2 - Union Pacific Steam Locomotive FEF-3

- KATO announced they will not sell ASSY parts but will consider it as there was some complaints from retailers.


5. KATO 10-937 - Shinkansen E3-700 "Toreiyu Tsubasa"

- Basically using existing KATO E3 Shinkansen.  So there will be no difference except exterior coloring.


6. KATO 10-936 - KIHA110 DMU "Tohoku Emotion"


7. KATO 10-1237 - Series 583


Next meeting will be on Oct. 14.

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