January 19, 2015

KATO Sales Meeting - Jan. 13, 2015

Here is the summary from monthly sales meeting at Kato.

Please feel free to contact for any product inquiry.

Business Update

Due to recent severe product shipment delay, KATO decided NOT to announce any new product on January (which supposed to be April release).   Also they reset oncoming release forecast.  This means all of Jan., Feb., Mar. release is now all to be reorganized except few item which will be soon released in January.  Some item might be released earlier than the other which should be released in advance.

Mr. Kato was unable to attend this time but Mr. Sakai, who is a general manager at KATO's factory in Tsurugashima, Saitama made first attendance and will continue to be present for future meetings.

Product Showcase

1. Iida line sets (10-1182/1183)

To be released on Jan. 27.  Final prototype shown.

3. ED19, TAKI10600 (3078/10-1184)

Small locomotive but getting attention from customers.  KATO 10-1184 (ED19 and TAKI10600 set) is already sold out at Kato.

4. TAKI35000 (8050-3)

The difference is only for painting like company logo, etc.

5. Tokyu 5050-4000

Some change made on coloring from last time.

6. Tokyo Metro series 02 "Sine Wave" (10-1249/1250)

Only upper body is shared.  As mentioned in previous meeting, they will come with newly designed underfloor parts.

7. EF71/ED78/series 50 coach

1st prototype and still developing.  Series 50 coach was only available from TOMIX for long time and KATO fans are really interested.

8. Toreiyu Tsubasa

Prototype shown.  Looks very nice painting.


Other Topics

- Price for DCC decoders to be changed soon.  This is due to recent currency change.  Price will be higher but may not impact those popular decoder like EM13/FR12/FL11.  Please check for further announcement.

- KATO is now developing promotional movie for SoundBox (like the one they made for turntable).


Issues/Requests from other retailers

- TAKI1000 in HO

This request came from multiple shops

- EH200, Odakyu SSE, Salon Express Tokyo in HO

- Some performance issue identified for flywheel motor.  Even same model, sound and/or speed doesn't match.

According to Mr. Sakai, KATO already looking into the issue and changed production procedure on motor unit with flywheel.  This will be better from release of ED19.

Request from ModelTrainPlus

- SL Hitoyoshi, and other active steam locomotives

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