December 17, 2014

KATO Sales Meeting - Dec. 16, 2014

Here is the summary from monthly sales meeting at Kato.

Please feel free to contact for any product inquiry.


Business Update

- Product release keep delaying.  Mr. Kato explained some but no active improvement.

- SoundBox is the item KATO recommends to enjoy sound with DC environment.


Product Showcase

1. Odakyu Type 3100 Romance Car NSE (10-1181)

Final prototype.  To be released within December.  Also package was shown.

Really nice finishing and impressing model.  To make similar to actual train, they used 5.2mm diameter wheel to lower body.

Kato is really confident on this model as they passed QC check at first time by Odakyu, who is very famous for checking model detail before giving green light to model manufacturer.

Kato recommended to seat some figure on front seats.  However, due to design limitation, legs for those figures needs to be cut.

Actually this model having very good turning characteristic.  Not officially announced but can pass tight curves way smaller than R282 (as it is not official, please ask me in private).


2. Hankyu 6300

Using mould with previous release but refined design and painting.  Old logo version (10-1243) is only for first release, so just take it before its gone.

3. Sound Box

To be released soon.  Comes with 1 sound for generic steam locomotive.  Kato is now planning to release more sound.  Very nice item to enjoy sound.  As it comes with Mic In terminal, you can play with announcing by yourself if you like.  If your wife doesn't like those sounds all over your house, you can connect headphone to enjoy silently.  Kato recommends to use high quality audio cable, speaker, amplifier, etc to make maximum performance.

4. ED19 and TAKI10600 (Myojo Cement) - 10-1184

Now ED19 with motor unit.  It has spoked wheel on front.

Myojo Cement logo is printed.  Secure yours now as it is quickly running out as this item is only package you can get TAKI10600.


5. Tokyu 5050-4000

It is very difficult to show over photo but the painting is something different from normal Kato and very brilliant.

Very well designed and silver painted emergency escape ladder inside of cab also can be seen.  And this is cheaper than Greenmax!!

6. Series E7 Hokuriku Shinkansen "Kagayaki" (10-1264/1265/1266)

This item will be replacing current "ASAMA" version (10-1221/1222/1223).

Move quick if you like those ASAMA version.  The difference is only following

- Road number is changed

- Destination changed


7. Series W7 Hokuriku Shinkansen "HAKUTAKA" (10-1262/1263)

Kato is now releasing this item but having plan to consolidate E7 product to "KAGAYAKI" in future.  Move quick to secure if you like to have W7 version.


8. Series E233-3000 Tokaido/Ueno-Tokyo Line (10-1267/1268/1269/1270)

This will be mainstream product for Tokaido/Ueno-Tokyo Line

On the other hand, Kato will still keep E231 series (10-594/595/596/522) as Shonan Shinjuku Line.


9. Series E3-2000 Yamagata Shinkansen

Will be produced with newly designed mould, so will reflect change in headlight shape from E3-1000.

On the other hand, Kato will discontinue old version of E3-1000 (no future re-run).


10. Electric Locomotive EF81-81

Used with Imperial train on 1985.  Kato will not be releasing imperial train set (10-853).  Instead, recommended to pull Hokutosei.



Requests from other retailers

- Series 201

Kato list this item in 2015 catalog.  So there might be a possibility for re-run.

- DD51 Hokutosei


- E233 Chuo Line

- Hokutosei (with current formation)


Requests from ModelTrainPlus

- 14-803 - Manyo Line MLRV1000

- 10-511 (Series 500 Shinkansen add-on set A)

Kato will look for re-run

- Limited Express train by JR Hokkaido (like 789, 261, etc)

Other retailer also raised similar request

- Enhancing product line-up for Eidan/Tokyo Metro like 08, 8000, and other

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