June 01, 2015

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015 Highlights

Here is some summary from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015.  I am sorry taking long time to upload this information.


1. Tomytec (TOMIX)

Tomix booth was located in front of main entrance.  So this is the first place you check and see.  Very populated booth as Tomytec has lots of product line up other than TOMIX.  First one on display was Moving Bus system BRT.  Appealing to make layout with Sanriku Railway train or KIHA40 Tohoku color.

New announcement for TOMIX is Tobu Series 100 Spacia with "Nikko Moude" coloring and Series 103 skyblue color.

Limited item at Shizuoka Hobby Show is TOMIX 98946 - KIHA66/67 (Huis Ten Bosch).  Pre-order already available.

Many other item listed and below are just a part of it.  Another variand of K-ON train is also listed.  H5 Shinkansen will be coming.


Newly announced Tomytec "Romancing SAGA" train.  Also Kumamon train shown.

Also coming more buses



2. Microace

There was no new announcement from Microace but their showcase having different model from previous events.  You see the big "Greenmax" signboard but the booth itself is Microace.

Very interesting JR Shikoku's Shinkansen Hobby Train

Nankai Rapit with both color variants


3. Greenmax


New announcement from Greenmax is for their new motor unit.  Their existing motor unit is very noisy but their new motor unit is very quiet now with using coreless motor with flywheel.  Also their new motor unit is designed highly compatible with TOMIX item.  They have holes for installing BMTN coupler and bogie side frame compatible with Tomytec's railway collection item.  As far as I talked with Greenmax rep, they are not yet ready to sell as an individual parts but this new motor unit will be available from their newly announced product of E653.  This motor unit is seems very promising.

Announcing E653.  New motor unit seems nice but the price...

Multiple Tie-Tamper.  Greenmax delayed release to August or later due to quality issue.



Normally nothing to be announced from KATO on Shizuoka Hobby Show.

They are now developing new sound card for E233.

Showing announced products.


5. MODEMO (Hasegawa)

Announcing new color variant for Tokyo Toden 8800


6. Popondetta

Popondetta displayed plastic container with JR container design.  Really looks nice and can hold about 13 book case.  Collapsible and stackable.  Really seems convenient.  Also showing bus and announced they will produce new Annaka freight train model.


7. Aoshima

Really surprised they announced 1:45 OJ scale DD51 Hookutosei.  Aoshima is so serious on this product and displaying this on front of entrance.

This item is non painted plastic kit but very made in detail.  Also designed for installing LED for lighting.

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