October 17, 2014

KATO Sales Meeting - Oct. 14, 2014

As usual, attended monthly sales meeting at Kato.

Business Update

- Recently announced Tokyu 5050 is hot topic among end users.

- Mainstream item is selling quite good.

- Announced delay for new release...

Some item slipped to November.

Series 185, Series 115 Nagano, Pulman Diner Car...


Item introduced (pre-order available - please check with us)

1. Electric Locomotive ED75-1000

Prototype around late 70s to 80s

Double heading is also good.  Comes with head mark for "AKEBONO" and "YUZURU"


2. Series 43 Coach Express "HAKKODA"

Includes guard's van with wagon WASAFU8000 which comes with tail-end lights.

Good to play with EF57 locomotive

3. E233-3000

This item is highly expected and popular among customers.

4. Hankyu Series 6300

Renewed paint.  Check the difference.  Top one is the one for oncoming model (not yet finalized).  Bottom one is previous release.  Now the paint texture is more like polished or solid and quite similar feeling with the actual train, isn't it?

5. Tokyo Metro Series 10000

Re-run but some difference like different road number, default destination changed, etc


6. Tokyo Metro Series 02

Comes with newly designed underfloor parts.


7. Tokyu Series 5050

KATO is now trying similar approach like Tomix (releasing limited complete package along with standard split package).  Very interesting moment was when KATO rep did briefing on this item and some retailer just asked "please do not release HIKARIE version".  Maybe KATO will not be releasing HIKARIE...


8. DD13 variant (from Roundhouse)

Pretty nice painting.  According to KATO rep., new paint is applied over existing painting but really doesn't look so bad.


To be released soon.  Final prototype

10. Soudbox

Final prototype shown.  Now with printed label.

Requested Products from Retailers

- Steam Locomotive Type 8620

- Odakyu 9000 (to play with Eidan 6000)

- Series 485 and 583 in HO

- HO viaduct or elevated tracks


From ModelTrainPlus

I have messaged following item from customer.

- Requested to enhance line-up of UNITRAM track like single track or Wye-turnouts (Mr. Kato gave me a positive answer on this)

- New and re-run item like Pokemon Train, Series 285 Sunrise Express, D51-498 Orient Express, and freight train sets.

- Also requested for East-i as can't expect Microace does re-run at this situation and many customers are expecting this.

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