October 02, 2014

All Japan Model & Hobby Show

I am sorry for uploading information on the event a week ago.


Please feel free to contact us for any product you interested.

Here is some summary of the show.

The event was held at Tokyo Big Sight.  This is my first time to attend this event but felt like Shizuoka Hobby Show is bigger in size with more companies.

1. Greenmax

Greenmax Booth was located just next to the entrance.

Their main item is Plasser & Theurer Multiple Tie Tamper.

They are showing moving sample to show how the item move slow and smooth.  It seems very nice.

Other oncoming products also seems interesting like Keikyu Yellow Happy train or Seibu Red train, Tokyu Hikarie...



Rokuhan booth at next to Greenmax.  Showing various Z scale products.

Series 500 Shinkansen coming early 2015.

Also announced turntable and roundhouse.

Other products are coming.  As Rokuhan makes products with really in detail, so it is bit expensive but their quality is really nice.



Having quite a space but seems not much product shown.... 

Toei Oedo Line Series 12-000

Keihan 800

The car has marker lights on the side of train.  According to Microace personnel, the lights will not work.  However, the plastic parts are extended to inside of the train, so if you install interior lights, it may possible to illuminate a bit.  To be sure, some DIY work to add some plastic piece to directly connect between interior light and side marker may needed.

Yokohama Subway Type 3000

Sanyo Series 3050



Not a particular announcement made for new product.  Just showing items as usual.

As already mentioned in the monthly meeting report, they displayed SoundBox.  I think a good product but a bit expensive.  Also wondering how fast they can supply sound line-up.


5. TOMIX (Tomytec)

Showing lots of new and interesting item. 

Announcing new product in both N and HO scale.

Very interesting that TOMIX trying to expand HO line-up while KATO is not releasing HO product in months now...

E233-8000 Nanbu Line

Series 500 Shinkansen "Kansenger" and "Pla-Rail"

Banetsu Monogatari and its package... looks gorgeous.  This package is for Tomix 98933 and limited product.  If you like it ask us for availability.

Kintetsu Shimakaze

TOMIX 98937 EF65-1000 Electric Locomotive.  TOMIX takes order only at this show.

TOMIX HO-610 Hakone Tozan Railway Type 3000 (HO Scale)

New product announcement.  Tomytec Trailer and HO scale bus


6. Modemo

New products



Having very big area but very small part for B Train Shorty...

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