January 25, 2015

Tomytec New Product Showcase - Jan. 14

Here is some summary from new product showcase event by Tomytec, which was held on January 14.

Please feel free to ask any inquiry on the products shown.

I am sorry but due to so many products introduced, information listed may be limited.

- Series 285 Sunrise Express (soon to be released in HO gauge)

Soon to be released.  Very detailed design and impressive.  Will be coming to ModelTrainPlus soon as well.

- Hakone Tozan Railway Series 3000

- W7 Shinkansen and Package design for W7 Limited Edition

Another limited designed package from Tomix.  A must have item.

TOMIX's new package for basic set now fits for small packet shipment for reasonable shipping.

- TOMIX 92878 (series 485/Niigata T18 unit)

Unique rooftop head light

- Series 415

Still having rough painting.  Hope they fix before shipment.

-Tomytec Trailer Collection Vol. 7

Various Trailers with containers (some comes with no container)

Including JGSDF trailers. 

Very unique Nippon Konpo's full trailer might be interesting.

- Tomytec Bus Collection  (Airport Limousine and Nankai Bus)

- Tomytec Building Collection and other visual accessories

Tomytec keep releasing new structure item and planning more and more.

- Tomytec Railway Collection "K-ON" Train


- Other information

1. Tomytec will be starting revising (raising) price of "TM-xxxx" motorizing chassis from April shipment.  Some of recently released new products are reflecting new pricing scheme.  For existing products, please consider getting before they change price in April.

2. Some TOMIX track packing will be changed.  List price will be doubled as number of track per pack will be doubled.

3. Next Tomytec new product show case will be on sometime in April.

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