May 17, 2014

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 Highlights #4

Now going to Z scale model.

For Z scale model train, there were 2 vendors at the site.  Platz and Crown Model (Prmloco)



On the center, they are showing apology for their delay on DMU KiHA40 release.  This was due to redesign of the powertrain.  There is no specific release date yet but development is in progress.

Series 0 Shinkansen

They previously selling Shinkansen model.  Now they are going to re-run and power units and other optional part to run on Z scale model railroad will also be re-run at same time.  It say sometime in this summer.

2. Crown Model (PRMLOCO)

They are planning to release EF58 electric locomotive on December.  Also some painted z-scale structure.  The interesting part is some of their structure item has magnet inside and able to fix figures from Prmloco as I seems they have metal part inside to stick with magnet.  So no need to glue and easy to move the figure around.   They are planning to release following structures on August to October timeframe

- Restaurant

- Convenience store

- 5 people figure

- cars (not sure how many)

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