July 11, 2014

Tomytec New Product Showcase - Jul. 9

I have visited Tomytec Tokyo office to attend new product showcase event.

Tomytec hosting this event about 3 to 4 times in a year and this is my first time to join the event.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the item below.  We can get all the item not only model train but also other item from Tomytec!!


Event Venue

The event is held at Tomytec Tokyo Office.  The nearest station is Aoto station on Keisei line.  The building has Takara Tomy logo.  Tomytec is a subsidiary of Takara Tomy.  The location is quite good as this is close to my home compared with Kato head office....


Event Overview

Following brand and item was on displayed.

TOMIX - N and HO scale model train

Tomytec - "Diorama Collection" series (includes car collection, bus collection, etc)

Tomica Limited Vintage - 1:64 scale mini car series

Gimix - Battle Aircrafts with additional feature

Tetsudou Musume - Railway girls related item

Buhinmokei - 1:12 scale railway item or wepons

Product Briefing, Business Update, and other information shared from Tomytec

Here is some summary picked up during briefing session.

- Tomytec sales result for 2014 Q1 (Apr. - Jun.) was 97% YoY.  Caused by sales tax increase and delay on new release.

- As written on below, Tomytec started Shinkansen promotion for TOMIX and asked retailers to utilize it to make sales.

- Sales on E7 Shinkansen was very good result.


Announcement of new item from TOMIX (pre-order now open)

- Kintetsu "SHIMAKAZE"

- JR KIHA120 (Takayama, Tsuyama, Oito Line)

- JR KIHA66 (Seaside Liner)

- Series 103 (yellow)

- (HO) Hakone Tozan Railway Type 3000

- (HO) Container Wagon KOKIFU50000


Following item will be in future roaster

- Shinkansen W7

- Sanriku Railway 36-700 and "KITTO ZUTTO #3"

- Series 500 Shinkansen "PLA-RAIL"

- Hisatsu Orange Railway - "Orange Restaurant Express"

- (HO) Series 285 "SUNRISE EXPRESS" (will be released in 4 sets)

- (Tomytec Tetsudou Collection) Keihan Series 600 "K-ON" Painting will be released in future.




1. Series 0 Shinkansen

Tomix will soon releasing this item.  Tomix 98929 is a limited edition of series 0 Shinkansen and only this item having lighting nose cone feature.  As this is renewed product, of course it comes with power coupler for all-wheel pickup.


2. Series 700-2000 Shinkansen

Consists with 3 sets to make full 16 car formation.  As planned to be released on Aug, seems already finalized the modeling and coloring.  It has small "A" logo next to N700 logo.


3. Series 300-0 Shinikansen

This item is already released to market and we have available item at ModelTrainPlus.  Basic set will qualify for promotion described below.


4. Tomix Shinkansen Promotion

Already shared the information through previous issue of newsletter but Tomix is now offering a special promotion with purchase of their Shinkansen train sets.  With purchase of 3 Shinkansen basic sets, Tomix will give you 2 x Series 0 Shinkansen cars.  They are used as Imperial train and having special V-shaped skirt on each car end.  ModelTrainPlus will apply for this for customers who purchased and eligible to apply.  Please check us for detail.

4. JR Series 183/189 Train

To be released with 2 different colors.  Tomix 92876 and 98930.  Tomix 98930 (the one with JNR color) is a limited edition with limited availability.


5. TOMIX 98927 KIHA48-500 "UMINEKO"

This is limited item introduced at Shizuoka Hobby Show and already sold out at Tomix.  Check us for availability.


6. Others

Tomix announced several KIHA120 variants, and Sleeper Express Akebono Set, and many others

7. HO scale

Announced Hakone Tozan Railway Type 3000.  No displayed item but series 285 "SUNRISE EXPRESS" will be released in future.  ModelTrainPlus will now start to take pre-order on HO scale model train and will also stock some HO scale item.  Stay tuned.


1. Tetsudou Collection

Showed many item coming.  Their first electric locomotive is now shown.  Also very popular trams...


2. Wakayama Railway

Tama and Ichigo train which is everyone's favorite.  We still have available item for pre-order.


3. Bus Collection

Vol. 19, Tachikawa and Hankyu Bus.  Also showed intersection for moving bus system.  I took some video as well.

Uploaded video on moving bus system on YouTube showing how to control bus.



4. Building Collection

New items are listed.  They are now developing huge tank and chimney which commonly seen at heavy industrial area like Tokyo bayshore Kawasaki or Yokohama area.

5. Tetsudou Musume

Keihan Otsu line series 600 with Tetudou Musume painting.  Also containers.  Tomytec will enhancing and expanding more line-up.


6. Hakotetsu

Linked with TV Anime "RAILWARS", the characters are now on Hakotetsu.



Gimix series showed lots of aircraft and comes with sound and light feature.

They offer optional item to actually light up and moving propeller kit for JMSDF P-3C aircraft

Tomica Limited Vintage was expanding line-up for old TV Drama "Seibu Keisatsu" cars and motorcycles.

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