October 14, 2013

TOMIX Pre-Order for October

Scheduled Release: Feb., 2014

Pre-Order cutover date is Oct. 19 at 23:59 JST. Please reserve yours NOW.
Price below is a special offer and applicable only with your pre-order before cut-off date.

Reference: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/kettei/pdf/20131003-2.pdf
JR West DMU KIHA40/47 Series with Metropolitan area color
92188 JR KIHA47-0 Diesel Car (2 car set with motor) - 7800 JPY
8454 JR KIHA40-2000 Diesel Car (1 car with motor) - 5400 JPY
8455 JR KIHA40-2000 Diesel Car (1 car with no motor) - 3400 JPY

JR Hokkaido DMU KIHA183 Series Limited Express "MARIMO"
92861 JR KIHA183-100 Series Limite Express DMU "MARIMO" - 14300 JPY

Reference: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/tomix/products/kettei/pdf/20131003-3.pdf
JR Electric Locomotive EF63 24&25 (Usui Pass final edition)
98922 JR EF63 Electric Locomotive (2 Loco but only 1 motor) - 11200 JPY

JR Freight Container Wagon KOKI100/101
92862 JR KOKI100/101 Container Wagon (12 car set with no container) - 10100 JPY

Private Container
3149 Private Container U47A-38000 Nippon Express (2 containers set) - 940 JPY

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